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Homeowners’  insurance policies are complex and full of ambiguous language. Many claims are denied due to the complicated nature of the policies rather than due to the true nature of your claim. If your claim has been denied or is in the process of investigation,  we can help.
Most homeowners’ insurance policies have two sections:
1. Details of coverage for possessions
2. Details of coverage for the dwelling



Throughout the medical insurance industry, there is an increasing trend of denied health insurance claims. Compounding the frustration of the denial of a claim is the lack of basis for the denial. Even if you ask for an explanation from the insurance company,  you may never get it. Additionally,  new Health Care Reform Laws anticipated to go into effect over the next few years are not fully understood.

If you have been denied coverage or the insurance company has refused to pay for a medically necessary procedure,  we may be able to help you!

When a person is involved in an accident,  whether it is work related,  automobile or another type,  the information involved can often be overwhelming and confusing. The prudent choice is to involve a lawyer to negotiate an accident insurance settlement.
An accident insurance settlement is one reached without the two parties involved having to go to court. It is negotiated with the insurance company and the lawyers who represent each party. Most settlements are obtained faster and are less expensive than going to court.

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