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Each year,  many people are injured and / or killed in car,  truck and motorcycle crashes caused by a negligent driver. The legal understanding of “Negligence” is: “The failure to exercise that degree of care that,  in the circumstances, the law requires for the protection of other persons or those interests of other persons that may be injuriously affected by the want of such care.”

  • Driving too fast

  • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

  • Not paying attention (i.e. Texting)

  • Disobeying traffic signals

  • Getting “rear-ended” while stopped at a red light

These are all examples of negligence. In some cases,  people are injured when the other driver engages in intentional conduct. Deliberately ramming someone with a motor vehicle is intentional conduct. “Road rage” is another form of unlawful intentional conduct. Still others are injured due to defective motor vehicles such as defective tires or defective repairs.

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A person or corporation who owns or leases property,  including shopping centers and grocery stores,  is negligent for failing to use reasonable care to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition.

Further,  a person or corporation who owns or leases property must use reasonable care to discover any unsafe conditions,  such as an icy sidewalk in a public area,  a slippery floor or failure to give warning of anything that could reasonably expected to cause a person to slip and fall.

A person who slips and falls and is injured due to negligence by someone else may be able to recover for their medical expenses,  lost income and pain and suffering. There is a statute of limitations for the filing of a slip and fall claim and if the statute expires you may lose your claim.


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If a person is killed due to negligence by someone else,  in a car accident for example,  the family of the decedent can file a lawsuit against the person who negligently caused the death.

The family may be able to recover funeral expenses,  lost income and loss of companionship and comfort. There is a statute of limitations for the filing of wrongful death claim and if the statute expires the family may lose its claim.


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Here at the Archuleta Law Office, we practice several types of law — but we’re the undisputed local experts of Legal Representation, and our history of case victories proves it. We’ve been practicing Legal Representation since 2000 and seeking justice in this area is at the very core of what we stand for. Whether you have specific questions about the law or need immediate representation in the realm of Legal Representation, we are ready and up for the challenge. Contact us today!

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